Michigan’s leading Section 8 housing provider.

Safe, Sanitary, Secure Housing with no deposit necessary, backed by 24/7 Maintenance Support.

We’re proud to provide quality housing opportunities to Michigan’s deserving Section 8 families.



At Bearss Properties, we’re proud to be Michigan’s premier provider of Section 8 housing. Our mission is to offer high-quality rental opportunities to Michigan’s deserving families. Our units are not just places to live, but the building blocks of thriving communities where families can grow and flourish.

For prospective tenants, choosing Bearss Properties means becoming part of a community that values respect, diversity, and neighborly support. For investors, Bearss Properties presents an appealing avenue to invest with meaningful social responsibility while enjoying double-digit financial returns.

Resident Testimonials

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They’ve found their ideal living situation with Bearss Properties as we proudly prioritize Flint’s Section 8 families.

I am very grateful for Mr. Bearss and his company for accepting my family’s voucher into their rental property. They have been caring and empathetic landlords for 2 years.

Karen M, Mother of 3

I’ve lived with Bearss Properties for 6 years, and it’s awesome to no longer have to worry about the condition of my family’s living area. I recommend them to anyone with a Section 8 voucher.

Gordon T, Father of 3

I had to move in 15 days or lose my Section 8 voucher, after getting denied several times I found out about Bearss Properties and was happily surprised at how nice the unity was compared to our previous home.  They have been very caring landlords.

Susan A, Single Mother

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