Meet Our Team

Dedicated to Your Housing Needs

At Bearss Properties, the dedication and expertise of our team are the driving forces behind our exceptional service. We are steadfast in delivering superior real estate services tailored to subsidized families. Our management team is dedicated to ensuring that your rental experience is seamless and satisfying. Our maintenance team plays a pivotal role in maintaining the quality and comfort of your home.

Our collective goal is to fight the stigmatism of subsidized tenants and provide them a living experience of comfort and dignity.

We invite you to meet the passionate professionals committed to you.

Bryce Bearss

President & Chief Operating Officer

As the Chief Operating Officer at Bearss Properties, Bryce Bearss brings a wealth of expertise and a dynamic leadership style to our operations. Bryce’s vision is rooted in a deep understanding of the real estate market, particularly in the Section 8 housing sector. His strategic approach and commitment to excellence ensure that Bearss Properties remains at the forefront of providing top-tier housing solutions. Bryce’s leadership is instrumental in driving our mission to offer quality homes to Section 8 families in Flint, Michigan.

Brady Gulledge

Property Manager

Brady Gulledge, our Property Manager, is the cornerstone of tenant relations at Bearss Properties. With a keen focus on tenant satisfaction, Brady ensures that every rental experience is smooth and gratifying. His role is crucial in addressing the needs and concerns of our residents, offering personalized attention and swift resolution to any issues. Brady’s dedication to creating a positive and supportive living environment makes him a valuable asset to both our team and the families we serve.

Weslee Vollweiler

Maintenance Manager

As the Maintenance Manager, Weslee Vollweiler plays a vital role in upholding the quality and safety of our properties. His meticulous attention to detail and commitment to maintaining high standards ensure that every home we offer is in prime condition. Weslee’s proactive approach to maintenance and his ability to swiftly address repairs are essential to providing a comfortable and worry-free living experience for our residents. His expertise and dedication are key to maintaining the integrity and appeal of our properties, and our promise.